RFID Barcode Scanners

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RFID Barcode scanners

RFID readers have the ability to identify objects quicker, more precise, at a reduced overall cost, and at several points of the object’s lifecycle. RFID barcode scanners are offered in different forms including handheld, laser, bluetooth, USB, UHF, HF and fixed. They deliver the very latest in imaging technology, offer record swipe speeds for 1D and 2D barcodes, as well as the ability to capture images and signatures. We provide RFID barcode scanners from well known brands such as Zebra, TSL and Intermec.  

Used for - paper and mobile barcodes, coupons and loyalty parsing, automatic population of credit applications, inventory management, asset tracking

Industries - Transportation, retail, hospitality, logistics

Benefits of RFID technology  

  • - Unlimited Data storage

  • - Can read up 200 tags at once

  • - Ability to operate inside and outside even in harsh environments

  • - Tags do not have to be seen to read the data, so tracking people or product can occur from anywhere within a predetermined range.