Handheld Mobile Computers

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Handheld Mobile Computers

The statistics have proven that businesses that integrate mobile applications into their daily operations increase productivity by 42% and revenue by 37%. Having a mobile computer in hand enables the employees to access the information and other applications on the spot. These handheld computers are light weight devices available in different form factors including gun-grip, phone size, wearable, full-size and cold storage. In terms of operating systems they are available in Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Android. Equipped with data collection functionality, including barcode scanning and image capture as well as enhanced connectivity including wifi, bluetooth and GPS. The catalog offers handheld mobile from the worlds most reputable brands such as Honeywell, Bluebird, Motorola and Zebra.

Barcode scanning - 1D and 2D

Applications -                         

  • Asset management
  • Price management
  • Inventory management
  • Delivery tracking
  • Voicing
  • Location services
  • Electronic coupons.

Industries -Hospitality, Retail, Transportation, Logistics, Healthcare