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Nordic ID

For over 30 years, Nordic ID has been Europe’s leading provider for item tracking and tracing devices. Their passion is to allow customers to manage their daily operations with ease, speed and efficiency, inspired us to develop all-in-one solutions that help your business to optimize the flow and count of goods. Nordic ID manufactures several RFID devices including handheld readers, RFID fixed readers, USB RFID readers, RFID modules and RFID Antennas. These products are used to deliver solutions for retail, asset tracking and inventory.

Handheld readers

Handheld readers from Nordic ID are made for quick, precise and reliable data collection whether it is for barcode reading, short-range UHF RFID reading or heavy-duty UHF RFID inventory. Nordic gives you an option to choose the operating system between windows and android with multiple connectivity options including GPS, bluetooth and WLAN. Some of these handheld readers come with keyboard which facilitates the use when working with gloves. For those who are concerned about size, Nordic offers robust, pocket sized mobile computers for quick UHF RFID and barcode reading.

RFID Fixed Readers

Fixed readers from Nordic ID come with a flat design and can be easily integrated into the installation environment. They deliver powerful, automated UHF RFID performance with a reading speed of up to 1000 tags per second and multiple connectivity options including WLAN, 3G, Ethernet. Also equipped with two LED indicators and used in applications including point of sales, document tracking, access control, tag programming stations, smart shelves and smart displays and inventory management.


Nordic offers compact sized UHF RFID reader with USB connection and integrated with circular cross dipole antenna. They are ideal for interactive read/write applications as long as reading distance is adjustable, allowing an easy way of bringing RFID capabilities into your laptop, smartphone or tablet.  


Nordic antennas are designed for RFID applications. Having an antenna makes it easy to expand the reading coverage as well as improving the performance of the RFID system. Nordic also offers flat antennas for environments where size constraints are needed to be taken into consideration. These antennas can be mounted directly on surfaces, even metal surfaces, without affecting UHF RFID reading performance. For single tag reading applications Nordic offers special antennas that adjusts to any type of environment.

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