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RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID technology is utilized in many industries to perform functions such as inventory management, asset tracking, ID badging, etc. RFID is used to read and capture information placed on a tag throughout radio waves. LCI Data offers RFID products from reputable brands such as Honeywell, Zebra and Nordic ID.

LCI Data provides fixed RFID readers that are set to meet the highest industry and deployment criteria. This catalog provides rugged fixed readers that are easy to arrange and provide control to related devices to increase effectiveness, preciseness for RFID supply chain management.  

RFID antennas on LCI Data's catalog are made for fixed applications and vehicle mount applications. They are very rugged, inexpensive to install and capable of operating in tough environments.

In order to accurately receive, store and transfer digital information through multiple frequencies for supply chain support and asset management, LCI Data's catalog provides different types of passive UHF RFID tags and labels.

LCI Data provides RFID printers that have the ability to print, encode and verify RFID labels. These printers are mainly used in industrial manufacturing, warehouse and logistics, assuring all products are labeled and tracked through RFID for precise data collection. Moreover, printers on LCI Data's catalog have the capability to operate in tough environments and easy to use.

Embedded reader modules at LCI Data are high performance, cost effective that is can be integrated to range of products such as handheld scanners, tablets, fixed position readers.

RFID handheld scanners at LCI Data are ideal for asset tracking, inventory management, coupons and loyalty cards as well as signature scanning. RFID are simple to use and cost effective.


RFID tags are categorized into active and passive tags. Active RFID tags that consists of onboard battery that occasionally transfers an ID signal and its read range is up to 300 feet or more. Active RFID tags have a capability to perform diagnosis and initiate communications. Passive tags in LCI Data´s catalog are cheaper than active tags and have a value up to 20 years.